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At Artikok, we are proud to serve food that is made from fresh ingredients and from scratch. We are supporters of making it simple, but with great care for each individual ingredient.

We are inspired by the whole world - both Asia, Italy and France, and by various period-typical Danish dishes, such as "grandmother's" cuisine, 80s classics and the new Danish cuisine. But we put our own stamp on the dishes, and prioritize local and seasonal ingredients.

We are happy to take allergies and ideologies into account. If you are lactose intolerant, vegan or otherwise, write an email to so we know the day before (we don't always see comments in bookings before the same day)


Meld dig til vores nyhedsbrev, benytte formularen nedenfor, og gør brug af vores faste medlemstilbud.
Du får ca 1 mail om ugen med nyheder om vinsmagninger, jazz-aftener og andre special-arrangementer. Faste tilbud på månedsmenuer for medlemmer

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