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The prices apply to a minimum of 20 people for brunch and 10 people for lunch 

- for smaller numbers - see brunch and lunch cards or by appointment

Artichoke brunch:

Company luxury brunch:
(3 hours, own buffet and own room. Start no later than 1 p.m.)
The buffet contains as a minimum

Freshly baked French bread and rye bread
Danish Smoked salmon with homemade herbal cream
Scrambled eggs with pepper bacon from Nørre Søby butcher
Brunch sausages made of beef from Nørre Søby butcher
Homemade chicken skewers
French fries
2 types of cold meats from the Nørre Søby butcher
2 kinds of cheese
Today's fresh salad
With Greek yogurt, blueberries, muesli and syrup
2 kinds of fresh fruit
Pancakes with syrup and Nutella
Pastry of the day
Various side dishes (e.g. salsa, chutney, compote, tapanade, jam, coulis, etc.)

Ice water


Coffee and tea ad libitum +30
Apple juice and orange juice ad libitum +30

Both parts NOK 45

(children from and including 2 years to and including 11 years NOK 100 / under 2 years free)

Our delicious homemade raspberry layer cake and Gateau Marcel
You can, of course, buy more things for the buffet, but we are also happy to exchange them as desired.
Extra hour NOK 1,500
Beverages after consumption




The above buffet 
4 hours with drinks ad libitum
The house's bubbles, small sharp ones - e.g. Gl. Danish, Jägermeister and Branca Menta, beer – Tuborg and
Classic, various soda and house wine.
Raspberry layer cake and Gateu Marcel



Classic Danish lunch buffet:

(3 hours. Start no later than 1 p.m.)

1 herring on the table

Eggs and shrimps

Warm fish fillet with homemade remoulade

Smoked salmon with herb cream

Veal culotte with soft onions

Warm liver pâté with bacon, mushrooms and sour

Western cheese with olives and crispy bread



In addition, we can offer coffee and tea and a small piece of cake with the purchase


Extra dishes can be purchased. Price varies.

"All inclusive" lunch:

(3 hours. Start no later than 12.30)

The above buffet, coffee and tea as well as beer, water and wine.


As an evening event

(4 hours. Start no later than 6 p.m.)


See also under "Holidays and events" for Christmas lunch


At receptions that end before 17, we can e.g. offer the following:

Chips, nuts and vegetable sticks with herb cream - nachos with homemade salsa - blinis with caviar, sour cream and onion - small spring rolls with sweet chili sauce - chicken skewers with satay sauce -​small meatballs -_22200000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000222_cheese, bread and fresh fruit

From NOK 60 (for chips, nuts and vegetable sticks with herb cream) to NOK 225 for the whole thing.

Beverages after consumption come on top.

At receptions that end after 17, there is a requirement for a minimum consumption, which again varies according to which day of the week it is.

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