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All the suggestions below are ONLY suggestions and we have many more ideas, and of course can
change the dishes according to your wishes. Certain dishes are seasonal and cannot always be served
served as described. Vegetarian dishes that can be both a starter and a main course can be seen under "Main dishes"

- "Shrimp bread" with tiger prawns, chilli, coriander, fish sauce and sesame
- Small blinis with Danish "caviar", crème fraîche and raw onion



-Artichoke soup with roasted scallops, green oil, artichoke chips and croutons.

(extra scallop +25)

- Creamy tomato-based fish soup with fried pollock and apple and celeriac crudité.

-Potato-leek soup with crispy ham and croutons.

Fish and shellfish

-Rimmed cod with mustard mayo, raw marinated beetroot and crispy rye bread

-Smoked salmon with horseradish cream and parisienne apples.

-Fried hake with celeriac puree, pickled cucumber parisienne with elderflower and dill,

smoked cheese cream, browned butter foam and watercress.

-Rimmed scallop with radish crudité, fresh spinach, rye bread crumble and

separate sauce of cream-white wine-apple-onion and herbal oil

.-Green lemon butter fried asparagus with "Danish caviar", quail eggs, sauce mousseline,

deep-fried chervil and roasted capers

-Tuna tartar with Danish seaweed, wasabi mayo and fresh cucumber

-"Deconstructed" Danish tartar: Hand-cut meat, mustard-marinated raw cauliflower, balsamic-marinated raw beetroot strips, crispy fried capers, grilled spring onions, horseradish mayo and crispy rye bread flakes
-Confit duck leg on salad of fennel and pear cruditeé with pomelo and orange/licorice vinaigrette.
-Carpaccio with Western cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds and arugula
- Rosehip-salted, heather-smoked duck breast with apple-fennel salad with cranberries and walnuts


Pear-avocado salad with pistachios, dill and honey-mustard dressing



Main courses:

(Greens, sauce and potatoes or something else are only suggestions, and may vary according to season and wishes)
- Steak of veal culotte with béarnaise or glace, seasonal vegetables and pommes anna (beef tenderloin
-Braised beef jowls with mashed potatoes, collard greens crudite, olive oil-chilli poached spring onions
turned in onion ash, pickled pear and sauce from the braising layer.
- Guinea fowl breast with semi-dried tomatoes, basil and fresh cheese, served with risotto with mushrooms and
chorizo and seasonal vegetables
-Lamb crown with pea purée, pan-fried broad beans with lemon, shallots and parsley
and baked apples. To this, lamb shank with thyme. (+75,-)
-Chicken breast with onion puree, pickled pear, pom fondant & red wine sauce.
-Fried white fish with cauliflower puree, pickled onions, caper sauce, new potatoes and herbs.
-Veal a la saltimbocca with oven-roasted potatoes, new potatoes, white wine sauce and summer greens.
-Beer-braised coil legs with pearl spelt, fried mushrooms, broccoli and carrots and sauce
the braising layer


-Mushroom risotto with seasonal greens

- Melanzane (oven-baked aubergine-tomato sauce-cheese) with seasonal greens


-Gateau Marcel with custard and seasonal fruit.
-Creme Bruleé with sorbet of seasonal fruit.
-Raspberry panacotta with elderflower sorbet and crispy cakes with ginger.
-Strawberries tossed in sugar with creme fraiche, chocolate cream, caramel, meringue and watercress
-White chocolate ganache with blackcurrant coulis and beer-farin ice cream
-"Grandmother's apple cake" with slightly poached apple cubes, oat crumble, vanilla ice cream and raw pickled lingonberries
- Ice cream with raspberries, forest berry coulis and nut crust

- Braised pineapple with white chocolate panacotta and crispy caramel strings

Baked plums and apples with marzipan and ginger sorbet

- Red wine poached pear with chocolate ice cream and burnt white chocolate with licorice powder.

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